Early 20th Century Mexican Dance Mask with Snake Nose

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How much fun it would be to wear this carved and painted wooden mask with this long, slithering snake emanating from its nose! Pretty great just hung on the wall though, with its red tongue confronting you at eye level! I am sure this piece is Mexican, and I believe it dates from the early 20th century when it would have been used as a festival dance mask. I love the directness and simplicity of the black face, setting off the red, black and green painted snake, with detailed carving on eyes and mouth. Really a striking and unusual piece. 

7 1/2" tall x 6" wide x 8 1/4" deep. Good condition, with a fair amount of wear and scratching to the paint/surface. There appears to be a plug on the backside of the mask at the mouth area but the front surface is solid. There is a wire on the back side for hanging.