Early 20th Century Folk Art Topsy Turvy Doll with Two Great Faces!

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Love at first sight with this one, even before I realized she was a topsy turvy doll, with a second face hidden beneath her skirt. It was the hand-drawn face (looks like ink rather than pencil, with either heavier marker or paint for the eyes and lips) that sold me, so good, but I think I like the exuberantly embroidered eyes (and pencil drawn noise and mouth( of her alter ego just as much! Made of thin cotton sack cloth and early 20th century I believe, with floppy arms sewn on to the outside of her dress and hood/bonnet partially concealing drawn hair framing her face.

12 1/2" tall (dress hangs to 14 1/2" l) x 4 1/8" w x 2" d and in very good antique condition, with a little staining her and there but structurally very sound and stable and super sweet.