Early 20th C. Naive Double-Sided Farm Drawing on Waxed Cloth, Crayon and Graphite

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I know this drawing was found in Lancaster County, PA and would be pretty confident that's where it originated. Rather unusual for being executed on a sort of oil cloth, which has a nice weight and stiffness that keeps it wrinkle-free and would make it easy just to pin to the wall. I like both sides but perhaps am a bit partial to the graphite-drawn one, which I take for a first sketch for the crayon drawing on reverse, but which has a really nice clarity about it. On the crayon side flowers and weeds along the bank of the pond replaced the horse, a rising (I assume) sun was added to the horizon, and the farm house was colored a great bold yellow, but the dog and chased rabbit remained right in the same spots, which makes me think these drawings were really all about them! 

18 3/4" l x 8 3/16" t. Very good antique condition with a little soiling/smudging here and there. The graphite drawn side is smoother oil/waxed cloth, while the crayon side has more of a weave to it.