Antique British Hand-drawn Happy Families Deck of 48 Oversize Cards

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I search high and low for old hand-drawn decks of cards, which I pretty much never find! So I was thrilled to purchase this wonderful deck from a seller in England--48 oversized cards, all different, inspired by the popular "Happy Families" card game which dates to the 19th century (I believe these are late 19th or so.) The cards are divided into 12 sets of four, with each set including son, daughter, mother, and father, with the father representing a specific profession, i.e. Bones the Butcher, Soot the Sweeper, Potts the Painter, Tape the Draper. I've done a fair bit of searching and can't find a published deck that the imagery on these matches closely, though at least some of the last names were common to the game, which is played like rummy, with players trying to collect as many complete families as possible. Each one of these is its own terrific drawing, executed in ink and ink wash on heavy weight card,  with charming details, and humor, throughout. One of a kind, these would make for some very special game nights, or a marvelous set to frame. 

Cards measure 4 3/8" x 3 1/16" ea. Ink and ink wash on substantial weight card, very good condition, no issues at all.