Early 19th Century Large School (Mostly) Math Notebook

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The is by far the largest 19th century notebook I've found, almost 15 inches tall, with a heavy, handmade paper cover that makes it feel rather as if it might contain the secrets to the universe! Not so, really--but it is chock full of math-related information and calculations, from simple multiplication to division of decimals to the rule of three, and lots of word problems relating to miles and forms of measure and commodities of the day, which looks to have been the first decade of the 19th century based on the dates appearing in several equations. (I especially love the word problems in these old notebooks for how much they reveal about the daily concerns and culture of the time.) At the very end are a few pages of penmanship practice too, including a page full of the repeated phrase "opportunity is sometimes neglected."

14 15/16" x 9 9/16"; 24 pages filled front and back plus cover. Very good condition,  very readable (though writing is sometimes pretty small!), all pages bound and not fragile. There is one partial page near the end, as pictured.