Early 19th Century British Watercolor, Beauty Chastened by Amnesia (???)

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Another lovely antique British watercolor, this one I know dating to 1824 based on the portfolio it came from, though I don't know the identity of its maker. The hand-written caption appears to me to read "Beauty chastened by amnesia" --- I may very well be making that up, though!  She is certainly a beauty, and, emphatically blushing, with a rather confused expression, looks to me as if she has suddenly lost her way. I've got a predilection for things that possess an internal torque or tension, and love how the flow of her body and drapery in one direction is abruptly interrupted by her raised hand, signaling a moment of pause and guess that she is about to turn back in the other direction, to which the long finger of her other hand yet points. At least that’s what I see!

9 1/8" x 7 1/8", watercolor on laid, watermarked paper. Very good condition, with age toning primarily just around the edges.