Early 19th C. French Creil Montereau Faience Rebus Plate ((Hairline Crack)

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I'll never pass by a rebus if I can help it, whether French or English or otherwise. From what I know, it was common dinner party fun in early 19th c. France to place rebus plates in front of guests as an amusement--and what could be better than that? My French is not good enough to solve this one easily, but I love looking at it anyway and surely with some effort  someone better than me could puzzle it out.  Such a pretty yellow rim border, and then an inside border of bunches of grapes on the vine. Stamped (impressed) with Creil on the reverse for Creil Montereau, early 19th c.

8 3/8" in diameter, with a hairline crack to the rim, as documented. Otherwise in very good condition.