Earl McDonald's Marvelous Red Cross Box

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If there were ever a perfect logo or emblem, to my mind it is the Red Cross, and seeing it painted over and over and in lush red paint against white on this great old box is to my eye about as satisfying as it gets. This beauty was the work of an Earl McDonald, who painted his last name along the edge of the top and then carved his full name into the underside of the top inside. I'm guessing he was indeed a medic, with an illustration demonstrating CPR pasted inside. I'd guess the paint, and the CPR illustration, date to the 1940s or so, though the box itself may be older than that.  I would put it in a proud place, perhaps packed with emergency supplies, such that the box itself should endure I'm case of emergency evacuation! Beautiful.

12" l x 8" w x 5 3/8" and in very good condition, perfect patina, clean inside, sturdy and sound, paint not chipping at all, and front latch closing perfectly so a lock could easily be used on it.