Dutch Woman Hand-painted Folk Art Wooden Doorstop

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The details on this charming old painted wooden doorstop are just wonderful--from the hundreds of tiny black dots that detail lace patterns on her bonnet, cuffs and apron, to the lacing up the front of her bodice, to the bows at her neck and tying her apron on her backside, which is as carefully painted as her front. Those great bright eyes and red lips... I think I could not love her more!

I'd guess she dates to the early 1900s or so, and remains in great shape, with some light cracking (but not chipping) to the yellow paint and scuff marks all over, plus a couple of what seem to be chunks of yellow paint stuck to her apron.  8" tall x 3 1/4" wide x 5 1/2" deep. Super usable as a door stop still, but I might give her pride of place on a mantle or shelf--really great!