Drue and ?, Taped Over Vintage Photobooth Snap

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These two. How at ease the boy in dark jacket at right looks leaning against his friend, and how present the boy at left in loosened tie, head turned toward the other while meeting the camera with his eyes. A photo booth photo I believe, mounted to a black piece of card via five carefully laid horizontal strips of scotch tape, which have since collected bits of black fuzz along their edges, so as to look almost like a barbed wire fence.  And then the label added, one would guess, by a parent or sibling at the same time as the mounting of the photo-- "Drue and (?)"--with the unknown-ness of one of the subjects seeming directly at odds with the intimacy conveyed in the image, which to my sensibilities makes it feel all the richer and more poignant.

3 1/4" x 2 5/8" and in good condition, with some yellowing to the the tape, all to the good in my opinion.