Dreamy Reclining Boy Watercolor Painting by Mary Rand

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I spotted this watercolor high on the wall at an antique shop in Manchester, NH, and was immediately smitten. Though clearly posed, this young man seems wonderfully at ease, and quite dreamy, as if he's just woken from a nap, hair still tousled. There is such a warmth and intimacy to it that I'd guess the painter, Mary Rand, was this boy's mother, though I have no idea.  I love that she chose to omit any context other than the mat and pillow upon which he is reclining, as if he might just float like this everywhere and forever!

I would guess this painting dates to the the 1910s or so. I have found a few different Mary Rand's who were artists, but haven't been able to make a definitive match. The paper shows its age (though appears to be in very good condition, with no notable stains and no mildewing). There are a couple of tiny bits of black paper that have fallen near the edge of the frame. The dark wooden frame itself is in good condition, with just minor dings and scratches. All of these signs of age in this case I think only contribute to the wonderful aura of this lovely little painting!

It measures 9 3/4" long x 7 3/4" tall x 1/2" deep.