Original Drawings + Poems Found in 1938 Ladies Group Notebook - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

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These little drawings + poems are the kind of find that fill me with great joy--in part because of their marvelous, unlikely existence to begin with, but also for the fact that they somehow escaped the trash heap for me to rather miraculously to discover them buried in a pile at a flea market some 80 years later! I found them in a three-ring binder dated 1938 in which their creator, who seems to have be the president of a ladies club, kept meeting notes and contact information for members while also occasionally slipping in one of these!

Each combines a drawing and a poem, and I just love the choice of subjects--soap bubbles, popcorn, mushrooms, etc. The drawings are at turns wonderfully simple and marvelously specific (those popcorn people!), and our author really loved her onomatopoeia--the poems are filled with snaps, clicks and pops! All the poems appear to be original, except "All Things Beautiful," more than twice as long as the others and which she attributes to Cecil Frances Alexander at the end. 

Price is per drawing. Images document each, one by one. Size is 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" each and they are in overall good condition, with some wrinkling to the "Popcorn Song", which one could probably press out fairly well. 

PLEASE INDICATE in the NOTES field at checkout which drawing/s you would like. If you would like all of them, please select 5 of them, and the final 2 will be free!

popcorn poem & drum poem sold