Drawing Trees by Victor Perard 1945 First Edition

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Before Bob Ross, there was Victor Perard, teaching us how to draw faces, anatomy, horses, dogs, hands, flowers...and trees! I really love the production of this 1945 first edition of Drawing Trees, with horizontal format, paper cover,  cream newsprint-like pages and handwritten text, making it feel super immediate, like a workbook to be taken out into the forest--and indeed, there are blank pages inserted between sections. The pages themselves are packed with drawings and notes relating to rendering the specific natures of a wide variety trees, from roots to branches to leaves to fruit, with additional lessons on shading technique, composition, perspective, etc. It begins with an introduction--"First of All"--noting that "art is the finest way of doing anything" and discussing materials, process, the importance of practice, etc., and imparting such wisdom as "A drawing to have charm must be made with poise!"

7 3/4" tall x 10 1/4" wide. 64 pages unnumbered (including blank pages). Stapled binding. Good condition, with a tear at the far left edge of the front cover running from top to first staple. Interior pages in excellent, clean condition.