SOLD Folk Dracula!!!

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Just in time for halloween, but certainly one to be appreciated every day of the year! The blood red features on this dracula's face really do it for me, especially that demonic looking mouth with teeth exposed. All the better for the what looks like a blood dripping from his forehead and a larger splotch of it on his chest. too. Plus those pants dotted with tiny hearts! I like him equally clothed and not, and in between, too, just in his tall black socks! Most definitely one of a kind, and quite unforgettable!

16" t x 6 1/2" w and in good condition. His cape doesn't quite fasten, and I like it worn backwards with ruffle facing front as well as open at the neck. His pants can also be worn either way. Very sound and not in the least delicate, will all seams holding tight.