Dr. B.J Kimball's "The Doctor at Home" 1883 Medical Guide for Humans and Horses!

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The front and back covers of this copy of "The Doctor at Home", published by B.J Kimball of Enosburgh Vermont in 1883, are tattered and loose, but the pages are in pretty good shape and I think it's really fun. The first half is dedicated to treating the ailments of humans, and the second half to horses. I really love its alphabetical organization within each section, juxtaposing Barber's Itch with Blood Poisoning, Rats and Ringworm, Shingles and Snakebite. The illustrations are especially great, usually several per page, showing everything from club foot, to how to use a nasal douche, to how to tell the age of a horse by its teeth. Plus some letters from readers at the end. Hard not to get sucked into this once one begins reading!

5 1/8" x 7 5/8"; 96 pages. Some staining along the spine and some brittleness to the paper but other than the loose covers the binding is holding fine.