Double-Sided Ledger Drawing with Rider in Raccoon Skin Cap

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I really need to (re)study my American History in order to be better at identifying the various conflicts portrayed on these old drawings on ledger paper, though one imagines the boy who drew them based them on some pretty questionable histories himself. Much of what I personally love about these sorts of drawings is how vividly and viscerally one feels they lived in the present in the imagination of the maker, who probably also played out these scenes in his backyard. And also how, for me at least, the care invested in the drawing, combined with the naïveté, somewhat undermines the sorts of aggressions playing out.  Here perhaps it is Davey Crockett himself portrayed in his raccoon skin hat, charging along on his horse, pistol firing? And then on reverse, a scene from the King Philip War (1675-1678) imagined very much through an early 20th century filter. 

13 1/8” x 8 1/8”. Very good condition, with one rough edge from where it was removed from the ledger.