Double Sided Ledger Drawing: Native American Battle Scene, March to Mexico

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Another from a series of battle scene drawings done by a kid long ago making use of the pages of a 1870s-80s ledger, each with a bit of a different sort of energy, making me think they may have been done by a couple of different boys, or one over several years. Much of what I personally love about these sorts of drawings is how vividly one feels they lived in the present in the imagination of their maker, and in this one, of Native Americans very much in the throes of battle, it feels as if the warfare is taking place on the paper itself in an extremely visceral way! Then on reverse a much more controlled "March to Mexico," with Cortez, in armor, leading the way on horseback. 

13 1/16” x 7 3/4”. Good condition, with some smudges that seem likely to have been incurred during its making!