Double Sided Hand-painted Old Wooden FOR SALE Sign

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I purchased this great old double-sided FOR SALE sign from the estate of a doctor and avid sign collector in Rochester, New Hampshire, and think it's a real beauty--and wonderfully direct; this would work pretty much anywhere! 

The creamy white paint is perfectly (gorgeously!) cracked but stable (there's a bit of old chipping along the top edge, but no more seems to be coming off at this point) and the black lettering is carefully done but a bit different from one side to the other, with traces of a correction to the "A" in sale showing through just a little. The black painted border is structurally a frame around the sign panel, and would support screws or hooks for hanging it. 

It's a great scale at 26 1/2" long x 12" tall x 3/4" wide -- you certainly can't miss it, but its not so large as to be overwhelming. The bottom edge/underside of the frame is rough in a few spots, as pictured--no real matter. Otherwise, great, super solid structurally and perfectly aged.