Double-Sided Blue and Orange 19th Century Schoolgirl Cut Paper Designs

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Since finding a spectacular entire album of late 19th century schoolgirl cut paper weavings, foldings, and yarn drawings recently, I've been on close watch for more of the like. This is one of three double-sided cut paper designs I purchased from the same source--certainly removed from one album--which I am listing simultaneously, and do think would be really beautiful framed and hung together in a grouping (with the only challenge being which side of each to show.)

I really really love the crisp, bold geometries of these, which feel both very much like traditional quilt designs, and also very modern.  On this one orange paper was used on one side and blue on the other--folded, cut, then adhered to the paper.  The added bonus and my very favorite thing about them are the trace memories of the  what I assume were designs on adjacent pages in the album, which left the paper slightly darker, and add a wonderful additional dimension to the forms. Just perfect.

C. 1870s-90s. There is a small clean tear along one long edge which is also a bit irregular from where it was cut out from the album. Otherwise light scattered stains and aging. 9 1/4" x 6 3/4".