Double-Sided Bi-Racial Hand-painted Jointed Cardboard Boxing Figures

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These terrific hand-painted jointed boxers are bi-racial: each is black on one side and white on the other. I have found one other similar pair online dated to the 1920s, which is about how old I'd guess these are--but those were printed rather than wonderfully hand-painted as these are, including these great polka dotted waist-bands on their red and blue shorts! I think perhaps they may have been inspired by the famous 1810 match between Tom Cribb & Tom Molyneux, which inspired a pair of Staffordshire figures, but that was a bare-knuckled match, so I'm not really sure. Regardless, I think they are just fantastic, and quite fun to play with, too!

I'm listing these as a set of four, but please email me if you'd prefer just to purchase one pair ($45/pr.) Each figure measures 4 3/8" tall, and the jointed pair measure 4 1/2" across. (the separated figures with arms down measure 1" across.) Very good condition, with a slight bend in the heavy cardboard of the blonde-haired boxer of the joined pair. The silver pins at the joints, all of which I believe are original, vary in size.