Double-Sided Antique School Slate with Jointed Corners and Carved Initials

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I have a hard time resisting beautiful old school slates made with real slate and jointed corners like this one. Even better when they have a hole at top for hanging, and what I believe are the initials (AL) of their one-time owner carved into the wood. And, on this one, the traces of rows and rows of old cursive writing are still visible on the stone if you look for them.

Very good condition and certainly still usable as a chalkboard--there are scratches here and there to the slate but it is still in very good shape. There are old nails reinforcing the top two corners but not the bottom two. The frame is sturdy and stable but will wobble a little if you try. There are a few white paint spatters on one side, which seem to chip off pretty well if one wants to remove them. Forgive me, I took a few of the photographs of it upside down!