Double Faced Hand-carved Folk Art Jig Figure

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This is another one that photos don't do justice; it is hard to get proper lighting on the face(s) and body at the same time, but in person the details of the faces are quite clear. And of course that is what makes this one really great--the head rotates, allowing it to switch back and forth between two distinct personalities. I take one face as meant to be male (short hair, wide mouth) and the other (curls framing a beatific face with pursed lips) female. With a small hole in the belly and two in the back into which a dowel would be stuck in order to make the doll dance (and those shoes are good for clomping), it is in perfect shape to be danced again (a thin wooden skewer would be the trick.) Lots of posing potential especially with the help a small block or something to sit up on a bit, and it also could be hung from a small nail.

9 5/8" t x 2 3/4" w x 3/4" d. Very good condition, no losses, all parts well attached and joints moving smoothly. C. 1920s-40s I believe.