Double Faced, Curious Chalk Drawn Portrait with Two Expressions

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I found this drawing with the flap to the back, thinking to frame it up that way, but then realized the alternate face drawn on the back of the flap! Of course this makes me love it even more, and it also reminds me even more of the work of Ida Applebroog (if you're not familiar, take a look) whose drawings and paintings, often self-portraits of sorts, often incorporated multiple "frames" and story-board like scenarios. To me, this drawing speaks quite wonderfully and poignantly to the barely veiled sort of self-conscious awkwardness or dumbness (and perhaps dumbfoundness, too) lurking just beneath appearances.  The more time I spend with it the more I love it and the truer it feels. My guess is later 20th c. but I'm not entirely certain. 

8 1/4" x 5 3/4" with flaps closed (just drawing showing, as shown in first photos.) Chalk on heavy gray paper, which I believe was originally made for holding a studio photograph. Very good condition.