Dickensian Mid 19th C. Folk Art Wood Carved Figure in Cloak

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What a character and what a presence this carved fellow is, found in New Hampshire but I'd guess British, looking very Dickensian to me--surely an interesting backstory, and with that straight line of a mouth and deep set eyes I think he's got a bit of a young Ebenezer Scrooge aspect. Very expressive face, terrific carved head of hair (which looks rather like an exposed brain!), marvelously delicate little pointed feet, and what drama to the drape of his cloak, clasped with one hand in front of him while the other rests on a carved pillar/pedestal beside him, as one finds in many a portrait of well to do men, and some women too, of the early-mid 19th c. Substantial in size and really wonderful I think.

10 1/16" t x 3 1/2" w x 3 1/2". Very good overall condition. There is an old, nail repaired split to the base; sturdy and stable now and I don't think detracting.