Devil Girl with Flaming Cauldron, Vintage Crayon Drawing Mounted to Board

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How to resist devil girl and her flaming cauldron? Surely there's a back story to this one--perhaps it was inspired by a children''s story, or maybe by The Crucible! Whatever the case, I love that she looks like Alice in Wonderland but for her red horns, and then this phenomenal cauldron, from which spring what look rather like colorful flowers but perhaps they are creatures being boiled alive!  One could certainly take it as a fantasy rendering of wrongdoers finally getting their due, but that's me being political! Anyway, pretty fabulous I think. 

Crayon drawing on paper mounted to board. Board: 9 3/4" w x 9 1/16" t. Drawing: 6 3/4" x 6 1/16" t. Very good condition, with some wear to the board along bottom edge right.