Delicate Oil Painting of Mexican Trajinera on Wood Panel

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When I spotted this painting from a distance, I took the graceful figure in his bright whites, blue sky behind him, as a baseball player--and a have a particular fondness for the elegance of baseball of yore!  But then I saw the boat, with Mexico painted on its side, which I believe would be referred to as a trajinera, originally used by farmers but which evolved into tourist boats akin to gondolas. The painting itself feels to me as if just floated into view, so graceful and quiet, but also drawing one in to wonder about the expression on the face of our protagonist, looking sideward, perhaps toward another boat, with perhaps bit of distress. For me, just the right amount of tension to complicate and bring drama to its loveliness.

7 11/16" x 5 3/16" oil on wood panel. Early 20th century I would guess. Minor paint loss and a bit of light scraping visible in the sky but overall very good condition, with a beautiful intimacy and ethereal quality, which photos don't quite capture.