Decorative Gouache Fireside Studios "Practice Board" Paper Lanterns Painting, 1935

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I bought a bunch of these together, my favorites of which I am listing individually, then I'll list another handful together, your choice, at a common price. A little digging reveals that "Fireside Studios"--the maker of these "practice boards--was a division of Fireside Industries, Adrian, Michigan, which sold and promoted all manner of decorative projects targeted to women at home. With these practice boards, one was to complete decorative painting exercises in advance of applying them to objects, and could send their work to the company,  presumably for approval or feedback, and maybe then to receive the next exercise in the mail!  Our Meredith Seckins of Portland, Maine, who did these in 1935, seems to have been a model student, and I think they stand now as quite lovely things! 

Gouache on cardboard, 10 3/8" x 7 5/8". Very good condition, super bright and crisp. There are a few small dark marks on the surface of the paint, I think likely ink from the back of another it was stacked with; very minor.