Dear Father From Your Loving Dortter Rebecca Hand-written Letter, 1857

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"Dear Father. We have killed our pig. We have had skating. I have up to see Aunt Masus. I think that she is pretty. She said that you was pretty. I and James Milikim ar on good terms. Ada has not come home from Great Falls. We have been expeten her home for a week. I have not much to say.  So good by. Pigs feet. From your loving dortter Rebecca. Pigs four feet. PS Gorge and I got dreadful skairt Sunday afternoon. I can not storp (?) to tell you the rest of it. Pigs hind feet." 

Hard to beat that for a letter from someone with not much to say! I do hope Ada came home eventually! But most of all what an incredible looking thing, perhaps best of all the little drawn pigs feet on front and back. I would frame this straight away and never tire of looking at it. 

Dated December 1857. 5" x 8" and in very good antique condition, with horizontal folds that should flatten out pretty easily if pressed under something heavy and a little staining here and there and along the left edge. Still bright and clear to read and I think just terrific.