David Heger Handmade Basket Weave Large Terra Cotta Planter

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I haven't found much information about David Heger, the New York based artist who made and signed this (circa 1970s I believe) pot, but I have discovered a number of other ceramic pieces he made, all of which were created by pressing clay against textured surfaces, most commonly cabbage leaves! This one, with a really terrific, deep and even basketweave texture, is by far my favorite, and I have not found another quite like it. With handles on either side, it makes an ideal planter--refined enough for inside, but also great on the porch or patio, and easy to move with the sun. It's glazed on the interior to make it water tight. 

9" wide x 8 1/4" deep x 8 7/8" tall. Excellent vintage condition. Marked on bottom "Hand Made by David Heger N.Y., N.Y."