DARK ENGINE, Very Excellent Old Handcut Brass Stencil

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Six months ago or so, I found the counterpoint stencil to this one--GOLDEN ENGINE--in the Hudson River Valley; this week I returned to the same shop and found DARK ENGINE waiting for me! As before, the dealer noted that this had come from a prominent area collection, from which I guess they are doling out one stencil at a time. Before I imagined that Golden Engine had been used to stencil the hood or maybe the sides of a race car many years ago, and certainly Dark Engine would make an equally good name for a race car, with those arrows wonderfully signaling speed, and with a sense of stealth too! Or perhaps it was used in a car shop, pointing toward cars needing engine service---to become Golden Engines once complete! Whatever the case, cut by hand (with some pencil mark guides still visible in a couple of spots), perfectly executed in upper case italics, and with quite a patina, too. To my eye just about as good as a stencil could possibly be.

15 3/8 x 6 15/16, great condition, rich patina.