Dapper Gent and Lovely Lady in Yellow, Victorian Graphite and Watercolor Drawing

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So many things I like about this drawing--down to her tiny tiny tiny hands! Their matching extra long eyebrows might be my very favorite thing, including for the fact that they are just one of many things that "match" between them, from their tightly curled hair, to the bows at their necks, to the downward pointing "V" of his vest counterpointed by the upward pointing one formed by the bottom edges of her bodice. What a pair, who look positively smitten with each other, and surely on their way to something grand.

6 1/8" t x 6 7/16" w. Sight: 4 3/16" x 4 1/2". Late 19th century, sold in the period frame I found it in, into which it had just very recently been placed, with new brown paper over the back, wired for hanging. All in very good condition. A bit of glare caught in photos - not fold lines.