Daniel in the Lion's Den, Fine Antique European Embroidery, 17th-18th c.

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One of my favorite Brimfield finds, this is a very old, wonderfully done embroidery, I believe most likely English and dating to the 1700s, though perhaps even earlier. Most embroideries of that period depicted religious subject matter, and surely it is Daniel in the lion's den here--clearly, with happily lounging lion to either side of him, safe from harm. Though certainly the colors on this were once brighter, greens and blues and the red of one's lion tongue remain in addition to various shades of gold and cream and brown and black. I find the very folky depiction of Daniel, so humble and gentle looking, just marvelous, and then of course the fabulous faces of these fabulous lions.  Plus this charming rendering of the "den" as a stone bricked, gate-like form with spiked grate and terrific variety of leaves along the top edge, both enhancing a sense of containment and representing freedom from it. Just terrific detail throughout that rewards time and close looking. Fabulous.

11 5/8" x 10", no losses, just presumed color fading. Pulled taut with thread across and an old wood panel, which it how it has clearly been for many years. I removed this from an antique frame which showed cosmetic damage, where it was behind glass for many years. Clean, dry, odor free.