Dancing Flowers (and Cucumber?) with Mustached Mushroom Watercolor Postcard

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I think this now may be my favorite old hand-painted postcard I've found; so good! I am not entirely sure if it is a cucumber or a cactus dancing with the flowers, but I sure love him, and then the pitcher-type flower with tall stamen at right. Best may be the mushroom, though, with snail on its head, who looks a bit sad for being immobile--and indeed I think it is partially the fact that these personified plants wear rather complex expressions that makes this especially great. The two little houses up on the hill are pretty good too...just a gem of a little painting that I would frame straight away! 

3 1/2 x 5 1/2. Some scattered stains that I don't think detract. On the back, a sweet note in Spanish from Rosita to her dearest little friend Olga, wishing her a happy holy day with her father and brother.