Fabulous Dancing Couple, Ceramic Sculpture by Unknown Artist

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These two! For me, the marvelousness of this piece is very much about the expression on her face, in which I see a complex mix of pride and concentration and some trepidation and dissatisfaction, too. Being 5 foot 10" myself, I also appreciate that she towers over her partner, whose gaze seems to land squarely on one breast, which perhaps is what's provoking her unsmiling expression--though from another angle her posture seems quite tender, as if she were about to pull her partner  closer, to rest his head on her chest. Some of this is to say the sculpture unfolds very much in the round, revealing itself over the course of a 360 degree viewing--and I can say more over the course of time in living with it, too. Unsigned and with the maker unknown, but seems to be created by an artist who knew just what they were doing and imparted this couple with a wonderful sense of life and dynamism and nuance, too.

9 3/8" t x 6 1/2" w x 6" d and in excellent vintage condition.