Curious Pair of Old Carved Birds (Falcons?) on Posts

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I purchased this--these--from a dealer based in Pennsylvania, but really don't know anything specific about them. I take them for falcons, calling to mind ancient Egyptian ones; they also remind me of a couple of old men standing on the corner talking about sports and neighborhood news!  It seems possible they actually functioned as decoys of sorts, as there are a bunch of holes in the wood, as if a woodpecker went to work pecking away at them, and I would imagine they were added to this base at a later date. Unusual as far as I've seen and with a lot of personality. 

11" t x 2 3/4" wide and deep at base. Each bird was carved from one piece of wood, posts and all, with the posts nailed to the base, with a bit of wiggle to each of them. Some loss to the bark, mostly on one wing of the larger one, and lots of scattered tiny holes in the wood, all as documented.