Curious Old Italian Opera Painting on Wood Panel with Carved Cherubs

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A curious one, at least to me, which I understand from the seller would have been made for an Italian opera theatre, portraying a bit of the action and hung outside the theater as signage of sorts. It seems to me that the painting--which has some of the feel (and drama!) of an ex voto retablo to me, and also a telenovela!--was painted on a very old wooden panel, salvaged from something else, in the top corners of which (my favorite thing, best seen in details)) are carved winged cherubs blowing horns. There is a carved angel at the center of the top edge too, but much weathered and a bit harder to make out. I should probably know, but don't, what opera is being represented here, but would guess a Spanish one.

19 5/8" l x 13" t x 7/8" d. Wired on the back for hanging. There is a an old split in the wood coming in from the right edge and showing a bit of yellow pigment on either side of it, which I believe is a bit of underpainting showing through, not any attempt at repair.  Otherwise very good condition, stable and sturdy. I would guess the painting dates to the 1920s-40s and the panel is much much older than that.