Curious Little Wood, Wire and Clay Construction

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I love this little thing, though I am not quite sure what it is! It could be a miniature drying rack of sorts upon which one could hang doll-sized clothes and socks to dry. But turn it on its side vertically, and the 4 little clay weights that are strung on the wires wiggle down from top to bottom in the most capitivating way, so I might just treat it as a tabletop amusement to be turned over like an hourglass now and then!   Really quite a lovely sculptural object, and like a drawing in space--very sweet and certainly one of a kind.

In very good condition and structurally sound, there is just one broken bit off the the end of one of the clay weights. Approx 8 1/8" long x 5" tall x 4 1/2" widest (when fully opened/expanded).