Curious, Colorful, Polymer (Presumed Slag) Clay Figure

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This one! I think she is quite fantastic looking, and definitely a colorful character in more ways than one! I purchased her from a dealer who got her in a mixed lot of things years ago and had no idea of her origins; I don't either, but definitely she was sculpted of polymer clay, of the sort that trade beads are made of, and I might guess that she was an end of day whimsy of sorts, made with the slag, and then given beads for eyes and a pink mouth. With breasts and large belly encircled by her arms, she certainly seems to represent a fertility figure of sorts--or maybe just the maker's pregnant wife! Whatever the case, I LOVE her!

5" t x 2 1/4" w x 2 1/16" d and in very good vintage condition, definitely with some age, no chips or other issues.