SOLD Curious Chunky Black Painting Figure with Wonderfully Large and Expressive Arms

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This curious one! Man or woman I am not entirely sure, but a great face and great carved head of hair, and especially great, powerful arms with large hands, which will stay raised half way up or one ahead and one behind, or both up directly in front of them, as if sleep walking or preparing to deliver a a big, awkward hug. The legs emerging from the boxy skirt (?) will move just slightly but not much, keeping the figure grounded. Really with a wonderful, chunky strangeness, and really feeling more like the product of a specific, singular vision than folk to me.  

11 3/4" x 5" w x 2 1/4" d and heavy. Very good condition, I'd guess mid 20th c., with some wear to the black stain across the nose, all to the good I think.