Curious Old Carved Green Marble Obelisk with Various Symbols

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Things like this intrigue and delight me with their primitiveness and earnestness and sense of purposefulness that seems now rather mysteriousness and unknowable. Found in Maine, certainly it was a folk creation--maybe, with heart dangling on what might be taken for a chain on one side, a valentine of sorts, or maybe an offering to the gods in hopes of love! What's going on the other sides is a bit less clear, but looks rather like hieroglyphics, and with a large circle on one of them, and a star on one faceted side at the top, all of which enhances the sense that this was crafted with mystical aspirations! The carving looks to have been done a good many years ago, and the whole thing has a pretty terrific presence now. 

Substantial in size and weight, 6 1/2” t x 3 1/2” x 3 5/8”.  Weights just shy of 5 pounds.