Hand-sculpted Nina Koch Winkel Modernist Figure with Repairs

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To me it feels rather right that this cubist style figure should show breaks and repairs in multiple places--furthering the sense of fragmentation, and for the fact that it seems to reference a limbless Classical nude to begin with. I find it quite a beautiful and affecting thing, more so for the scattered stains and especially the darkening along the edges, which amplify its dramatic lines and stylized form.

There is a signature at the base of the rear side which I figured out is that of German-born Nina Koch Winkel (1905-1990), who attended the School for Arts and Crafts at Essen in 1921 and the Dusseldorf Academy from 1922 to 1923. She moved to New York in 1942 and became well known as a sculptor creating works in clay, plaster, and metal. Her work has been widely exhibited and is most prominently featured in the WInkel Sculpture Court at SUNY Plattsburg. I might guess this piece is quite an early one, but I don't know for certain.

7" t x 2 1/2" w x 2 1/4'd. Condition as documented, with old repairs at neck and waist. Now stable and sturdy.