Hands at Rest, Vintage Clay Sculpture

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Fun, and pretty excellent as a tabletop sculpture, which can be flipped to show either way, giving one or the other the upper hand! And I do like to think of these as the hands of two different people, engaged in an an ongoing negotiation... which makes me wish there were a whole series of these with the hands arranged in different gestures and postures... with this pair (one connected piece) seeming to signify 'calm down' to me!  Made of clay by molding slaps around a real pair of hands I preseume, hollow, with shiny, skin tone glazing.

7" x 6 1/2" x 4" t (real hand sized.) Very good condition, no chips or cracks, just light overall crazing, all to the good I think. The glazing on the finger tips of one hand are a bit lighter in color.