Creepy 1955 Creative Playthings Rubber Suited Man Hand Puppet

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Maybe it is because I am posting this hand puppet as I listen to the Trump impeachment hearings, but he certainly looks a lot like a waving (and maybe also hand-greasing) politician to me! I believe he was once part of a family of four, maybe five, made by Creative Playthings in 1955; the educational toys company also produced Latino and African American families of a similar ilk, all of which came along with Activity Guides to encourage constructive play. I really like the way the rubber has worn and color faded, and hardened enough for it to stand on its own. A sort of haunting specter of another era, with broken wrist to boot!

10" tall x 7 1/2" across at arms 2 1/2" deep. Very worn condition (the hand seems to be hanging on ok and might glue back in place but I'm not sure). There are a few other small cracks in the rubber here and there.