Cream and Rust Swirl Hand-thrown Ceramic Lidded Jars or Canisters - Set of 4

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I like to imagine that these fabulous heavy, hand thrown lidded ceramic canisters have previously held the ingredients for many, many batches of home-baked cookies! They remain in excellent condition, not a chip on them, and with their thick, painterly rust and creamy white swirled glazing, are just gorgeous. Without their lids, each vessel measures exactly the same dimensions in height as in diameter (from largest to smallest: 8.5x8.5", 7x7", 6.75x6.75", 5.625x5.625”; with the lids adding another 1.25" or so in height), and I think would look great in most any kitchen, from farmhouse to mid-century to minimalist. And they hold a lot!

The only apparent flaw is a very fine hairline crack in the base of one vessel (pictured) which appears to have no structural impact.