Crazy Carved Wooden Canister with Six Figures and Head on Top!

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Totally wacky, but pretty fun, and whoever made this certainly had a vision which they exerted a lot of time and effort to carry all the way through. I might guess this vessel was made to hold tobacco, perhaps in a tin that fit inside? I'm not entirely certain the identities of the historic, international cast of characters carved in relief around the faceted perimeter, or the identity of the head on top, but I do believe George Washington and John Wayne are among them! Seems this might be a good jar for storing things one wants to be sure not to lose track of, as how could you forget putting something in this?!

5 7/8" tall x 3 3/8" diameter. Constructed of six facets plus carved lid, which fits on in a few different positions. The bottom is simply green felt; perhaps there was once a wooden bottom piece but I'm not sure. Overall good condition, I would guess 1950s-1960s?