Couple Playing Chess, 19th Century Framed Needlepoint on Linen

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From what I can tell, it is the woman that has the upper hand in the chess match, and I'd like to think that the slight tilt to the table here, slanting down toward her partner, was an intentional decision to reinforce the fact that she is indeed winning! I'm far from a needlepoint expert, but haven't seen many done in a single color like this, treating the figures like silhouettes, and I love the sort of improvisatory feel of it, with some of the curves and details none to easy to render in tidy needlepoint stitches. Early to mid 19th century I believe, when one found many popular images of both men and women playing chess.

Framed, as found, in a period solid wood frame: 19" x 14 7/8" and in very good condition. On the reverse side of the frame clear plastic was at some point stretched, revealing how the linen panel was pulled and stitched tight around a wooden board. This would benefit from a piece of board or cardboard placed over that plastic to press the needlepoint tight against the front of the frame, easily done I think.