Young Man in Folk Art Chair, Antique Cabinet Card in Period Repousse Easel Frame

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This one's about both the frame and the cabinet card for me, and the lovely combination they make together--and I do believe they have been together for quite a long time. The pretty flowers-and-vines repousse frame iI believe s late 19th c.--period to the photo--and I believe made specifically as a cabinet card frame, with welded easel leg on the back to stand it. And then this young man, looking so much the sensitive dreamer, who I especially love for the very sculptural folk chair he is sitting in, which appears to constructed at least in part of driftwood.  An interesting merger of many things at once, and great details, from the letter sticking out of his chest pocket to his watch chain to what looks like a ring on his pinky finger. And I love his curls (a red head I'd bet) and large ears! 

7 3/4 x 6 1/4 framed, original glass I believe. All in good antique condition, with some small scattered stains/toning here and there on the photo, not at all detracting.