Wonderful 1833 Sandborn NH Award of Hogreeve (manager of stray swine) to John Deerborn (with Hand-drawn Pig)

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I love this one so much, found not far from Sandbornton, New Hampshire, where it originated nearly 200 years ago. "To John Dearborn Jr, Greeting, The good citizens of Sandbornton, confiding in your skill, integrity, industry and justice, at a town meeting duly notified and holden March 12th, 1833, duly elected you a ...Hogreeve and Field Driver...Attest John Cary, Town Clerk, Sandbornton, March 13, 1833."  A hogreeve was a  Colonial New England term for a person charged with the prevention or assessing of damages caused by stray swine, as wandering domestic pigs were a significant problem! (Damaging crops and gardens by rooting when left to their own devices.) And so, an honor indeed, bestowed with confidence on our John Dearborn Jr., via a beautifully wood block printed document with hand-written additions, including a little face hand-drawn on the pig at upper left! Should you know someone who keeps pigs, this would I think make just about the best gift ever, though also for anyone who embodies these highest attributes expressed!

10 x 7 15/16 framed. Paper 5 1/2 x 7 3/8. Very good condition, nicely matted and in a 19th c. frame, clean and crisp and fabulous.