C. 1850 Hand-colored Queen of Clubs Transformation Card

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I believe this queen of clubs was part of a transformation card deck, c. 1850s--often the royal cards in these decks just featured figures, while it was the pips of the numbered cards that were transformed/incorporated into images. What I find especially intruiging is that her arms, though I presume actually intended to read as crossed, appear to me as if cut off at the elbows and left as stumps, which thus makes her veil read all the more as if tears streaming down her face. All this too seems in keeping with the "club," which has its own sense of brutality to it. Regardless of whether one reads it that way or not, certainly some darkness to it I think, and also a sense of fortitude on her part, and of the sort to invent a whole story around. Woodblock printed, black plus four colors (with registration just slightly off, which I like) with pink back patterned with gold stars.

3 5/8 x 2 1/2 and in good antique condition.