Antique Peacocks Cross Stitch Embroidery on Silk in Original Frame (Presumed Once a Tray)

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I love a peacock, even better a pair of them, and even better with a fruit tree blooming between them to give the beauty of their plumage a run for its money--and to bring their significance as symbols of beauty, prosperity and rebirth to fruition. Hand-dyed cotton thread, I believe, on silk, and I believe originally made to function as a tray, as it appears there were likely once handles attached to either end of the frame. Under heavy glass and what now functions as a deep frame, wired on the back for hanging. A bit of staining/toning to the silk, primarily along bottom left edges, which I don't think interfere with its loveliness.

21" x 13 1/4" x 1 5/8" d and in good condition, with a bit of staining/toning as noted and detailed. Mid-late 19th century I believe.